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    • 中文

    Welcome Overseas customers

    Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2022-04-08 17:06:47

    On Hepu Power removal cerebration, Hepu Power general manager Kent Li warmly welcome our overseas guests from Italy, Lebanon, Switzerland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Korea and India. They were especially entertained with the simultaneous interpretation of Hepu Power so as to share the speech news.


    Hepu Power has always been insisting on Innovative Technology. Thanks for the support of our customers, suppliers and many friends, Hepu Power had achieved the sales volume of 20,000 pieces for gearless traction machines and 15,000 pieces for electric motors in 2013.



    “On the behalf of Hepu Power, I sincerely thank those government supports, those customers, those suppliers and those friends from media. Hepu Power will continually strive to develop new products with high technology and quality, aim to become a leading brand in the world!”Kent Li said.



    After Kent’s wonderful speech, Mr. Ali ARSHAD as the overseas representative to express his sincere congratulation to Hepu Power, and Professional Liang also bring his congratulation on behalf of Chinese Academic of Science, hopes Hepu would continue its endeavor work as always.


    Overseas : 0758-3623181

     LVAC : 0758-3623158/3623278

     BLGL : 0758-3623291

     EVM : 0758-3623296 





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